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Behind the uniform (bag) Part Two

With last year marking 100 years of women serving in the Armed Forces, it worked out to be rather appropriate that I started making my up up-cycled uniform bags in 2017!

Whilst the bags speak for themselves, I thought it would be nice to give a little bit of information on some of the women behind the uniform which became the bag!

Next up its the turn of the Royal Air Force - obviously I have a soft spot for the RAF, its been a huge part of my life, growing up with my dad in the RAF and then following in his footsteps and joining up myself!

The woman behind this uniform had a similar life to me - her mum was in the Royal Air Force and she followed in her footsteps - coincidentally having very similar service numbers!

Naomi on stewarding duties at Wimbledon

Naomi served 16 years as a supplier and served in lots of different locations including UK; Iraq; Afghanistan; plus multiple exercises across the globe, including Belize, Norway and Germany, as well as acting as a steward at Wimbledon (pictured).

During her career she's been awarded medals for her service in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being awarded The Queens Golden Jubilee medal, and the RAF Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

One particular encounter during her RAF career proves how small the world really is. She says "I did trade training in 1999, graduating at the very start of the millennium. From there I went to my first unit and never looked back. Fast forward almost twelve years, travelling round Cambodia on leave after returning from Afghanistan earlier in the year, and I bumped into a guy who was also in the military. Half an hour of chat later and we realised we had an extraordinary amount of people and friends in common. A few more questions uncovered that he had been on the course below mine in 1999 and as soon as he said his name, I remembered that at home there was a photo of him and I on the night my course graduated! Old faces always find a way to become new faces?" I'm always amazed at just how small the world really is, I've had similar encounters and I'm always stunned!

Thank you Naomi for sharing your RAF history, and for giving me the chance to turn your uniform into a lovely, practical keepsake!

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